Persona 5 PV#04 and Hashino Interview with Subtitles

As promised, here they are together.

Thanks to TRADUKO Soft for the translation of Hashino’s new interview.

Reaction: I covered a little bit regarding PV#04’s translation in my crazy P5 theory post (read at your own discretion). Reading it all verbatim, nothing immediately stands out in the script. There are some interesting texts on the screen, like the dungeons apparently having side objectives that reward the player. Anything else is just speculation, such as what kind of trouble our Phantom Thieves have run into during this trailer and what the powerful organization that is referred to could be.

Hashino had a lot to say about the user interface. This has been one of the most striking things of the battle gameplay we’ve seen thus far. The old system of scrolling through menus and commands seems to be gone in favor of a highly stylized quick-menu meant to add to the overall experience of the game.

Not surprisingly, Hashino again alluded to how much more content has been put into P5 than originally expected. With the game originally going into to development for PlayStation 3 and then making the jump to PlayStation 4, there were likely expectations to make use of the new hardware and capacity, so it’s easy to see why this game has taken so long, even if the delays are still disappointing to some.

This is also the first I can recall from Hashino or anyone directly linked to the game talking about the moral dilemma of the Phantom Thieves’ actions. We know in some way that the cast will be ‘stealing the hearts’ of the evildoers in the story, but how much traditional thievery there will actually be is something I’ve been unsure of ever since the plot has become much clearer. It will be interesting to see how Hashino and his team allow the player to reconcile the actions taken in the game.