Follow-up: P5 Q&A and Other Musings

Following the release of my long touted final Persona 5 analysis and predictions, I fielded questions on Twitter. Before we get to answering these, I first want to go over some additional things I’ve reviewed in P5‘s pre-release information that I couldn’t properly write about in the full-length piece.


In multiple videos, we’ve seen shots of an explosion occurring somewhere. My best guess is that this is happening on some sort of large ship.

screenshot-122 screenshot-123

You can see what looks like an engine room. The second shot is at a dutch angle as people have trouble keeping their balance. It looks like a ship on water to me. Director Katsura Hashino mentioned there maybe being a luxury cruise ship in a recent interview. In the video of Persona summonings that Atlus posted a little while ago, one of the battles seems to be occurring at a location that fits this setting.


In this battle behind the UI of Morgana’s navigation is a swinging chandelier. That simply does not match the battle footage of any of the well known Palaces. Furthermore, it should be taken into consideration that Morgana is the navi for this time period. That places this Palace prior to Futaba joining the team but after Makoto has.

There’s also shots of Ryuji in PV#03 and his commercial in what looks like the same explosion.

There’s also a little bit of blood in this shot

My best guess is that whatever happens with this Palace, it must be very important to growing the Phantom Thieves of Hearts’ public notoriety. Certainly a massive explosion on a luxury liner is going to cause some headlines.

But what’s strange is that we know that the bank Palace – Makoto’s first – is the very beginning of July and the pyramid Palace (where Futaba awakens) is at the beginning of August. That’s a really small window of time to fit in an important event like this. Compared to the other Palaces from April-September, Atlus has been very reluctant to show anything pertaining to this location. There must be a good reason why.


Here’s a curiosity I chose to leave out of the piece. In Makoto’s commercial, we see her speaking with this man.


There are a few things here to keep in mind. First, remember what his computer screen looks like.

Next you should note the time frame of this shot. Makoto is introduced in the summer, but here she’s wearing her winter uniform. This is from the second half of the game. The time of day also suggests that it may be part of the big animated scene (believed to be after the MC’s arrest) I went over in the piece that has Haru and Futaba looking at birds and Yusuke painting one.

Next up is just how suspicious this guy is. Compare his computer screen to a few of the screens in this shot from the prologue.


The screen in the dead center in front of the standing man with his hand on the desk is identical to the screen in the scene with Makoto. Now, granted, P5‘s animation creators – Production I.G. – are not inhuman. It could just be that they reused the same concept for generic, ‘tech mumbo-jumbo’ screens in these shots. However, the man Makoto is with does have a resemblance to the man that’s on the phone in the prologue.


Is it the same person? I can’t say for sure. I also don’t know what it means even if it is. We know Makoto has a relation to Sae Niijima in some way and Sae is a public prosecutor. Could this man be another family member in the criminal justice system?

It’s also hard to say who these people work for. They’re set off in their own room in the casino, so the most obvious answer would be that they’re security. But we don’t even know if the casino is a real world location or a place that’s been warped into a Palace that’s part of the real world. For all we know, the casino could even be a police headquarters.


I never imagined when I made a video about importing P5 that it would turn out to be such a touchy subject. There are a few things I left out of that video as I didn’t want to bog it down and make it longer than it already is. Instead, I’ll throw it in here.

On the subject of whether or not playing the JP game is in any way hindering or tarnishing my first experience of P5, I say that it’s all a matter of perspective. I choose to stay optimistic about it. The way I see it, I’m essentially going to get the experience of playing Persona 5 for the very first time twice.

Yes, that doesn’t entirely make sense. You cannot feasibly do something for the first time again. Just ask Catherine‘s Toby.

What I mean is, the two experiences are going to be so vastly different than one another that I may as well be playing an entirely new game come February. This fall I get to experience the joy of becoming familiar with P5’s art direction, music, dungeon gameplay, battle system, and core plot. In February I’ll take that a step further and get to more intimately know the characters, a completely new voice cast, the day-to-day calendar, and the best way to master the game. I will also get to talk about it with a whole new group of people. I’ll be just as excited to play Atlus USA’s game then as I am to play the JP game right now.

Also please do not spoil the game, importers.



This news came down the pipe last Friday. P5 will not support the PS4’s built-in share feature, so if you want to capture footage from the game, you’re going to need your own dedicated capture card. Even if you have one, Atlus is warning you to not use it. There are already reports of P5 videos being hit with strikes on YouTube before the game even releases.

None of this shocks me. This exact same thing was happening last year with Persona 4 Dancing All Night. The issue of Atlus Japan striking down tiny YouTube channels even made it all the way to Kotaku. As far as I know, this issue was eventually cleared up in time and there are plenty of videos of P4D on YouTube now.

On one hand, I think I understand why Atlus JP is doing what it’s doing. Being stringent about YouTube uploads doesn’t seem to have anything to do with them being overly greedy or protecting their copyrights aggressively, like what Nintendo does on YouTube. It seems to be more in line with trying to limit the extensive evidence of their game’s story details.

Atlus primarily sells games that are story based. Full video of these game’s stories hurts them. But I also think, given that they eventually eased up on their hunt against P4D videos (and I heard similar stories regarding Persona Q), that this has something to do with preventing spoilers as well. Though early P5 adopters may hate this policy Atlus has taken on, it is in fact helping those that are worried about being spoiled on the game before next February.

My advice to you if this concerns you is to first read the Kotaku piece I linked. Second, if you do plan to capture or stream the game in someway, please be careful and considerate. As far as I know, there’s nothing stopping people with capture cards from streaming on Twitch or other similar services. YouTube is a different animal. I may be uploading P5 footage to YouTube, but not for LP purposes and it would be unlisted and removed of any metadata that would connect it to P5. Still, if Atlus begins dumping hours worth of Persona 5 footage into the content ID system (which I actually doubt they take the time to do outside of animated scenes), you may still get busted even if you have nothing linking the video to P5.

Note: Atlus’ posted policy about videos from Monday stated pre-release uploads being prohibited. We’ll have to wait to see if they loosen up in the next week.


This info comes from Famitsu #1443. The description of the Star Co-op mentioned gaining the ability to switch characters in battle. This was aside from the “Baton Touch” skill, which was also mentioned. No footage of this function exists yet, but it may be identical to what was in ♯FE.

In addition to negotiation, Personas are still acquired through fusion in the Velvet Room. A Twitter follower of mine who was fortunate enough to play the demo also told me that in battles, should you kill all but one Shadow within the first one or two turns, the final Shadow remaining will panic and surrender itself to you without negotiation. The player can choose to turn it into a Persona, get money or items from it, or decline and kill it.

The full-length Persona 5 soundtrack has still yet to be announced. I suspect we’ll see Atlus say something about that this week at the Tokyo Gaming Show. Its absence has actually been very confusing to me. Atlus was quick to publish the full soundtrack to Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final when that launched early this year in Japan. It could be that P5‘s track titles are considered to spoil the game itself or perhaps by having no separate OST for sale, Atlus is trying to incentivize people into purchasing the 20th Anniversary Edition that comes with one CD for P5.

As for that CD set specifically (which leaked on Monday), it comes with five discs – one for each Persona game. The final track on each disc is a remix of a song from that game, but with a P5 twist on it. P5‘s remix combines the game’s title theme, “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There,” with the title track “Persona” from the original game.

The P1 disc uses only tracks from the original PlayStation game. The P2 disc has tracks from both original versions of Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment (as such, it has the most tracks).

The P3 disc has tracks from all three iterations of P3 including four tracks only on the female side of Portable and three tracks only heard in The Answer.

The P4 disc likewise has the big P4 tracks in addition to tracks that were added in with Persona 4 Golden. It does not include any tracks from the spin-off games.

The P5 disc is relatively limited. It consists primarily of tracks that have already been heard in some form via Atlus’s pre-release footage. The notable tracks are “Phantom” (title screen), “Life Will Change” (PV#04/prologue), and “Last Surprise” (battle theme). Many tracks are also not regular in-game music, but short songs that accompany animated scenes; like for example, the song that plays when the hero is arrested. In my opinion, the P5 disc doesn’t have a single track that can’t be heard in the first 2-3 hours of the game.

Besides the hero (who I think will be the best Persona protagonist yet), my favorite characters are Anne and Goro. Anne is definitely the girl I’m looking to turn into my sweetheart, as I’m usually biased in favor of the Lovers arcana. I also like that she has a bit more edge to her than the other girls and seems to be more like P3‘s Yukari, but with a more likable personality. Plus she’s cute as hell.

Goro is the guy I look forward to spending the most time with. Ryuji and Yusuke each have their pluses, but I think haven’t shown enough character yet. Though I do know more about Ryuji from the demo notes and that information made me sympathize with him.

Goro on the other hand, he fascinates me because he’ll be spending the first half of the game as the hero’s rival. I don’t think the franchise has really had a character like him since maybe Jun Kuroso in Persona 2: Innocent Sin. I can’t wait to see how he changes as a detective once he puts on a mask of his own and joins the team. I’m really looking forward to doing his Co-op and seeing him go from the hero’s rival to one of his best friends.

Author: Scott

Scott is a content creator, gamer, and student from Austin. At the ripe old age of 21 he discovered that the Nintendo 64 is never worth returning to and that Castlevania Rondo of Blood is the best Castlevania ever made. Can successfully rap the entirety of "Mass Destruction" from Persona 3.

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