Credit Where It’s Due: Persona Central

I’m sure for many of you who’ve been kind enough to venture here from Twitter, this is not news. Over the last few months, I’ve become more engrossed in a fantastic community of Persona fans largely thanks to Persona Central.


PC is the Internet’s leading blog on Atlus’ Persona series (as well as covering other interests regarding Atlus). I’ve been a reader for almost a year now thanks to the excitement regarding Persona 5. I don’t consider myself someone that creates exclusive Persona/SMT/Atlus content like they do. More so, it’s simply the theme for this year thanks to P5. That said, if not for PC, I wouldn’t be able to reach the Persona fan base like I have been.

Truth be told, it’s thanks to PC and all the followers they’ve gained on Twitter that I’ve been able to find so many interesting, entertaining people over the past few months and have been able to share my own excitement with them. If you’re one of those people who I’ve followed since the turn of the new year, I can almost guarantee you it’s because you also followed PC.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.26.33 PM

In the event you’re not familiar with PC but want updates on Persona, then I strongly encourage you follow them on Twitter and read their updates. You’ll find the little things that aren’t always posted by the big sites, such as insight on Atlus’ emerging role in PlayStation VR. You can also bet on the latest news regarding P5 from Japan before condensed, lower quality version of that news hits the big gaming sites.

So thanks, Persona Central, for all that you do and helping bring us together.

Author: Scott

Scott is a content creator, gamer, and student from Austin. At the ripe old age of 21 he discovered that the Nintendo 64 is never worth returning to and that Castlevania Rondo of Blood is the best Castlevania ever made. Can successfully rap the entirety of "Mass Destruction" from Persona 3.

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