Meet Caligula, a New JRPG From the Writer of Persona 1 & 2

What’s Caligula? Another niche weeb game for the Vita? Perhaps. But it sure does look interesting.

It’s being directed by Tadashi Satomi, who was responsible for writing the stories and characters of Megami Ibunroku Persona, Persona 2 Innocent Sin, and Persona 2 Eternal Punishment.

It would appear to be a combination of action and turn-based JRPG styling starring high schoolers and a bizarre other world – shocker, that last one. According to DualShockers, the white haired idol, a vocaloid by the name of “μ” (the lowercase Greek letter pronounced “Mu”), is a software that developed its own heart and travels the world of Mobius seeking to bring happiness to others.

Credit: DualShockers and FuRyu

I know the concept of Japanese youths coming together for the sake of friendship and defeating enemies isn’t exactly a JRPG concept exclusive to Persona, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a modern Persona vibe from that trailer. And that’s a good thing. When I think back of the only works I’ve enjoyed from Satomi, I think of the growing pains P1 and P2 had compared to their eventual successors. That’s not to say they aren’t good games. Diehard Megami Tensei/Persona fans will let you hear it if they think you’re disrespecting the originals and championing P3 and P4.

My point, rather, is that it’s exciting to see that perhaps technology has finally caught up to the point where Satomi’s creativity is coming to life in ways the original PlayStation couldn’t provide. As much as I love old games, or “retro gaming” as some refer to it, this is one major plus as the industry progresses. Artists are being allowed advantages not seen previously. To a game designer, it must be similar to a new spectrum of colors being discovered to a painter.

It’s been quite awhile.

Caligula is slated to release on June 23rd in Japan exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. There are no plans for localization yet, but let’s hope that changes in the future.

Author: Scott

Scott is a content creator, gamer, and student from Austin. At the ripe old age of 21 he discovered that the Nintendo 64 is never worth returning to and that Castlevania Rondo of Blood is the best Castlevania ever made. Can successfully rap the entirety of "Mass Destruction" from Persona 3.

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