Uncharted 4 Gets Another Small Delay

Still grasping for a release date.


Naughty Dog’s much anticipated Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will now be releasing on May 10th. The game was originally scheduled for March, but was pushed to April 26th a few months back. With a couple more weeks tacked on, PS4 owners will have to remain just a bit more patient for the next entry in PlayStation’s signature franchise.

The delay is a little suspicious, to tell the truth. When you think of delays when it comes to AAA titles, it usually means months. Take Mass Effect Andromeda for example. Uncharted 4 getting pushed back just a couple of weeks for “manufacturing reasons” right after it was announced that there would be an open beta for the multiplayer this weekend makes me wonder. I sense the two are related, which would be a small shame. No offense to anyone out there greatly looking forward to it, but I couldn’t care less about multiplayer in a franchise that prides itself on the single player campaign.

Sadly, this news has been a reminder of just how toxic people on the Internet can be.

Listen, I don’t have this game pre-ordered. The whole model of pre-ordering in the gaming industry is a separate lengthy discussion. But if I were as big of an Uncharted fan as some, I’d feel pretty comfortable buying this game upfront. The last four major releases by Naughty Dog have an average of 92.75 on Metacritic. Dare I say, there is not a single developer in the western hemisphere that has been as consistent as them over the last ten years.

Getting your panties in a bunch over this game coming out just two months later than it was originally intended is childish and petty. I think Naughty Dog knows what they’re doing and they should have earned more trust than they’re getting. It’s not as if Naughty Dog has been lying about where their game is in development and been trying to bamboozle people out of their money, like someone I know. And if Uncharted fans really think they have it bad, I’d like to present them with the following:

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 7.13.23 AM


Author: Scott

Scott is a content creator, gamer, and student from Austin. At the ripe old age of 21 he discovered that the Nintendo 64 is never worth returning to and that Castlevania Rondo of Blood is the best Castlevania ever made. Can successfully rap the entirety of "Mass Destruction" from Persona 3.

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